About Learn Photography Canada

We’re a local, family-owned company providing interactive, hands-on and fun photography courses in and about the city. We’re exceptionally proud of what we do and we truly believe we have the best photography classes in the universe.

Our mission is to make photography accessible to everyone. Photography has become a beautiful medium for the expression of creativity. We are working to ensure that everyone has the tools and knowledge to capture life’s experiences whenever and wherever they occur.

The best part? Our courses are an experience to add to your lifetime of wonderful things. Our owners, Jana & James, and the brilliantly talented instructors who work for LPC are invested in your journey and want to make sure that you have an incredible and fun-filled experience! Because let’s be honest - photography IS fun!

We have spent years refining our courses to ensure that they are the most hands-on, experiential courses that can be created. Join us today to see what our students are raving about. 


A few reasons:

1) We offer the most hands-on photography courses you will ever take.

2) We keep our courses to within one day. There is no ongoing commitment, no ''2-hours for 8 weeks ''. Our courses are done within a  day that is convenient to you.

3) Our courses are on the weekend. We find our students prefer weekend courses.

4) Our instructors are top rated. We only work with highly competent instructors whose photography knowledge is exceptional and who are confident teachers. They will not only be able to impart invaluable photography knowledge, but will also make you feel great in the process.

5) We hold our classes in interesting locations, which means no classrooms! We make a commitment to choosing the most interesting and diverse locations that Calgary has to offer.

6) Our classes are great fun!

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