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We've spoken enough about why we believe we have the best photography classes in the Universe, but we want you to hear it from our customers as well!

One of our long-standing customers Linda Vanden Berg took some time to write a great testimonial for us. Read her story and see why you'd be crazy not to take a course with us:

For years I wanted to learn more 6699about photography but never did anything about it. As a Homemaker I have no serious aspirations to take amazing wedding photos on the side or to take photos of cathedrals in Europe (although I certainly wouldn’t turndown an opportunity), I just wanted to be able to take photos of my kids growing up and enjoying the memories of what life is offering us. I wanted to be able to capture performances at school, sporting events and other activities with poor lighting or changing action. I want to be able to go for a hike or camping and capture the wonderful scenery of our backyards and to use and explore my creative side. So I bought the fancy camera……. But now what?

After some research, I decided that Learn Photography Canada seemed to provide exactly what I was looking for so I signed up for one course. The first class – Digital I was awesome. Very easy, great location, a very personable instructor and a great mix of teaching and hands on, interactive instruction. The ability to offer this in a one day class was perfect as I was unable to commit to any series of weekly or evening classes. It was a lot of information to remember in one day but it was organized effectively and handouts summarized the main points. The instructors also reached out offering us the ability to follow up with them for any questions or concerns.

I signed up for 2 more classes quite quickly. Then after the next class was just as beneficial I found myself signing up for all classes offered. In the process I meet all the instructors and each one was the same as the first – knowledgeable, personable, approachable and always willing to help or offer assistance. Each one went a little above and beyond what I expected. Even with a slight mix-up for
one of my courses (which I take greater responsibility for), they worked with me to find a solution that 6699 copyworked.

If you are looking for classes to improve a good photography base or even if you’re starting from scratch then this company is a great place to start. They will help you decide what class/es are best for you. You will quickly become addicted to learning more.


Thank you Linda! Your story is like so many of our students' and we are thrilled to have helped you on your journey!

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5 stars rating"I had never even used the point & shoot camera much before I took this course. On a whim I bought a nice camera and didn't know how to use it. After a day with Learn Photography Canada I have not once used the iauto function on the camera. At the end of the first course I immediately signed up for 2 more. At the end of the second course, I signed up for the remaining 2 courses that they offered. To date I have taken all 5 of their courses and I am taking a new one in 2 weeks time. I even give them idea's of courses and area's that I would like to learn more about and they are so willing to take it into consideration for future courses offered.

It's always fun to meet other people taking the courses with a shared interest and it's amazing what I learn from the other students as well.

I went on a trip of a lifetime to North Africa and took the most amazing pictures. In fact, having the camera around my neck looking for photo opportunities was one of the highlights of my trip.

I highly recommend taking at least one course with Learn Photography Canada and almost guarantee you will be hooked after that." Patty Trimble


5 stars rating"Colton has taken 4 out of the 5 Courses offered. He expressed an interest at 12 years old in DSLR Photography, and wants to Learn. The courses have been exceptional for him. He's very happy with what he's learned, and looking forward to the Night Photography course he missed because he was sick. Colton has a natural eye for Photography, the courses have taught him how to refine his raw talent into exceptional pieces of art. The Lightroom course has helped him take those natural photos and refine them even more with computer editing." Michelle & Colton Balderson


5 stars rating "These guys are awesome! I took 5 courses including Digital I, Digital II, Night, Portrait and Lightroom classes with Jana, James and Glynnis last year. So much tips and information up their sleeves! After the classes I'm much more confident with creating the photographs I want instead of just snapping at everything at sight." Sandra Soon


5 stars rating"I took Digital I and II in April as a prep for my trip to Europe. It was a great way to regain confidence in using the manual on my digital SLR. Very handy for going into low light cathedrals and museums and then out into the full light. I took some great pics - thanks James. I look forward to the next course, take great night pic." Gerry Doerkson


5 stars rating"If you haven't checked out Learn Photography Canada, do so, now! They're all about the experience, your experience. I took one of their classes, and one of the things I loved about it was watching the other participants go from being hesitant about their camera skills, or lack thereof, and moving to confidence by the end of the day. The instructors have vast knowledge and share it in a way that is non-intimidating and fun! At the end of the course everyone was excited with the photos they were now getting and could hardly wait to get out and practice their new found skills and knowledge. Thank you Learn Photography Canada, you rock." Share Munoz


5 stars rating"Great instructors that make it fun to learn. Actually empowered me to turn my camera to manual a few times this week." Jason Benedict


5 stars rating"The Digital 1 class is a great introduction to the world of photography! The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this class and definitely planning on taking more!" Christopher Drebnisky


5 stars rating"Dele and I had the privilege to taking photography classes with the amazing trainers at Learn Photography last weekend. Great couple bonding time! We had a blast and learned a ton." Moji Ajele


5 stars rating"Just took a beginner photography course with Learn Photography Canada in Calgary and I loved it! It was so much fun! The day was really interactive and hands-on and I feel so much better about using my camera now. I was very impressed with the instructor who knew so much and took a lot of time to properly explain the concepts. I couldn't recommend this course more for everyone who owns a camera! It is well worth it - and it's so nice to spend a day exploring the nicer parts of downtown Calgary." J Kirali 

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