The Perfect Gift

Chocolates can be eaten, clothes will wear out, toys will be broken – but a photography class lasts forever! Imperial 5Especially if you gift a Learn Photography Canada Course! We guarantee our students have access to the expertise of our instructors as much as required once they have taken our course. We even encourage repeats! So your friends and family don’t just get a great gift, they get a gift that lasts! And the best thing is that every time they pick up their camera, they will think of you. 

LPC offers our clients the opportunity to purchase Gift Vouches of a value that suits them! You can gift an entire course, or a set dollar value such as $25, $25, $100 or…??? whatever suits you! If our set values don’t work for you, just give us a call and we’ll make it a specialized amount of your choosing.


So pick up a Gift Certificate for all of your present needs: weddings, birthdays and Christmas!