The Learn Photography Canada Experience

Why Choose Us?

WeDSC_7717’re a local, family-owned company providing interactive, hands-on and fun photography courses in and about the city. We’re exceptionally proud of what we do and we truly believe we have the best photography classes in the universe.

Our mission is to make photography accessible to everyone. Photography has become a beautiful medium for the expression of creativity. We are working to ensure that everyone has the tools and knowledge to capture life’s experiences whenever and wherever they occur.

The best part? Our courses are an experience to add to your lifetime of wonderful things. Our owners, Jana & James, and the brilliantly talented instructors who work for LPC are invested in your journey and want to make sure that you have an incredible and fun-filled experience! Because let’s be honest - photography IS fun!

That's what we have to say, what do our students have to say?



"Great instructors that make it fun to learn. Actually empowered me to turn my camera toIMG_3218 manual a few times this week." Jason Benedict 

5 stars rating



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA"I was thrilled to receive Learn Photography Canada's Digital Photography I course as a birthday present. The hands-on course was SO practical! To learn how to use your camera by actively using your camera, seems so obvious, but their approach to this really works. Having the students learn to use the camera by taking photos that we would normally want to take, but using our cameras correctly, made the information relevant and really *click*! The instructor, James kept the information so easy to understand and follow! After that course, I excitedly signed up for two more courses over the next year, the Portrait Photography course and the Photoshop course. Both have been absolutely invaluable in my personal photography. I am no longer hesitant to pull out my camera because I know what settings to use and how to set up my shots for great results. Thank you James and the rest of your team!" Leanne Stewart

5 stars rating


_O5A0999"Learn Photography Canada's approach is truly unique. By learning about technology and techniques as we took pictures I was able to see the results, get feedback from the instructors and immediately become a better photographer. The experience was all around great; from the locations we went to, to the quality of the instructors (they know pretty much every camera model out there and how to get the most out of it). Great value for my time and the money spent on the course!" Henning Moe

5 stars rating



"Learn Photography Canada is my number one choice, and the only company Iportrait course 016 recommend for any and all photo enthusiasts who want to learn new skills!!   I've taken other courses, but can honestly say they have this one figured out! The walking photography classes are different, and really are the best way for beginners to learn. The instructors are very passionate and knowledgeable, so they provide a comfortable and unique hands-on, interactive experience. No matter your level or experience you will learn and have fun!   Thank you James, and your entire team for making every class and experience so enjoyable; I look forward to joining you on many more!!" Pamela Brazil 

5 stars rating


 "I have taken several of the photography classes as well as the photoshop class from Learn _O5A1761Photography Canada and Loved them all!! My expectations were exceeded and I always left feeling so inspired and excited to try out my new skills. I knew that I would aquire technical skills but was so impressed by each instructors lessons on enhancing creativety within my shots. I would highly recommend taking a class with Learn Photography Canada to anyone." Kristin Campbell

5 stars rating




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Become a Photo Adventurer

We’re all for adventure. Here at LPC we believe that all people should have access to the incredible world of photography and all of the excitement that it brings. You are out there, living your life and enjoying all that it brings. Give yourself the opportunity to capture these moments and enjoy them for decades to come! Stop dreaming about framing your photography on the wall, and start taking photographs that are art-show worthy - let us teach you how!

Newfoundland - 2015 -74 DSC_6251 

It's Easy

One day. That’s all it takes. Just one day. Our courses are designed to be easy. We don’t have any pre-class requirements, you don’t need any fancy equipment, or a note pad and pen, or even lunch. All that you need for our course is a camera. We have taken great care to design a course that is very easy to follow and understand. Our instructors take as much time as you need to figure things out and are there to help you uncover your creativity at your pace. We leave our egos at the door and make sure that our classes are relaxed, non-competitive and a safe-haven for new photographers! 


Hands-on In Amazing Locations

Hands-on and interactive is what Learn Photography Canada is all about!  We’ve taken more traditional photography course information and flipped it on it’s head so that you can better understand and practice what is taught.  You won’t just learn about photography topics like shutter speed, aperture, and ISO but you will experience it all!

Imagine your instructor talking about blurring out the background of a picture.  He or she gives you instruction on how to do it, when to use it and how to achieve it, but then you don’t get an opportunity to practice right away.  Kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?  Now imagine being able to practice and hone the skill for the next several minutes on actual subjects.  All of a sudden you’ve created pictures that focus the eye on that special flower, or a person’s face.  All the while you’re also gaining confidence on how to do the technique and using your camera.

One of our mantra’s is that we want you to feel like a tourist in your own town.  That’s because we choose iconic and photogenic locations for your courses. Classrooms are overrated when it comes to photography. What is there to take a photo of? A powerpoint presentation? A blank wall? The door? Learn Photography believes that you deserve better. Calgary is a beautiful city, with plenty of amazing opportunities for interesting and wonderful photography.

In our experience, you will take out your camera most when there is ample opportunity for amazing captures (such as when you vacation!).  That’s why we work so hard and do so much research on where the best locations for photography classes are.

In the summer, we have honed an amazing tour that runs through Eau Claire.  Each part of the tour is carefully thought out and practiced so that we can best showcase what is taught using Calgary as our backdrop. It allows you to solidify all the learning that you have gained throughout the day and continue to take amazing pictures giving you an ideal environment from which to synthesize all the information discussed. In the winter we move to Heritage Park for our sessions.  A site of living history, Heritage Park is an ideal way to learn all about photography and practice on their iconic indoor displays.  

The best thing about our locations?  It’s just the start of your photographic career.  We hope to see lots of pictures from you in the future :).


Outstanding Instructors

Learn Photography Canada prides itself on having the best Instructors in the industry. Professionally trained, and professional photographers in their own right, LPC has recruited some of the best Calgary has to offer. These guys not only know their photography, but are also phenomenal teachers and have been hand-selected based on their ability to communicate difficult, complex topics in concise detail.

Like many of our students before, you too will be impressed at their level of knowledge, skill and love for photography, and our company!

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