Meet our Instructors

Learn Photography Canada prides itself on having the best Instructors in the industry. Professionally trained, and professional photographers in their own right, LPC has recruited some of the best Calgary has to offer. These guys not only know their photography, but are also phenomenal teachers and have been hand-selected based on their ability to communicate difficult, complex topics in concise detail.

Like many of our students before, you too will be impressed at their level of knowledge, skill and love for photography, and our company!


Glynnis Mutch

Glynnis is a passionate photographer with outstanding teaching skills. As a past student at the
Alberta College of Art and Design, majoring in photography, Glynnis' passion is in commercial and editorial portraiture. She specializes in studio work and is working on pursuing photography as her ultimate career. Glynnis' students love her personable approach and find her extremely knowledgable and helpful.

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James Lam

James Lam is our longest standing contractor and runs classes not only here in Calgary, but also in Edmonton and Vancouver. He fell into his photography career after many years as an Engineer and Marketing executive. James was mostly educated as a photographer in Australia and has developed his photography skills to the point where he is able to proficiently communicate these skills to his students. James is a passionate teacher who is continually innovating and striving to improve his skills. James' students have nothing but raving reviews for his photography abilities and his unique teaching style.

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Jana Rohen - Owner

Jana Rohen is the owner and operator of Learn Photography Canada, Calgary. She has had many career changes in the past, but truly loves LPC, photography, and everything that this company has to offer. She was trained in photography in Sydney, Australia and has excitedly poured all of her entrepreneurial passion into Learn Photography Canada. Jana has recently taken a step back from teaching duties with the arrival of their youngest, Charlotte, but is hoping to be back at it in a few short months! She is always available, always ready to talk, and has her clients as her top priority - at any time of day!

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