Digital Photography I

Learn Photography Canada's Premier Beginner Photography Course



Here at Learn Photography Canada we pride ourselves on creating a unique and very exciting experience for all of our students and this course is our showcase. Our Digital I Beginner Photography Course introduces our students to the wonderful world of photography.

This course assumes that students have no prior experience with Digital Single Lens Reflex Instructor-1-400x233(DSLR) cameras. Knowing how to turn it on would be nice, but not essential. This course will cover off all of the elements of digital photography, from shutter speed to aperture and white balance. It is the ideal course for those wanting to become more familiar with their cameras. By the end of this course you will have the tools and knowledge to take your camera off Auto and start to use it's full potential!

Our knowledgeable and thoughtful instructors make this learning experience easy and enjoyable. We aim to ensure that you are comfortable shooting in a range of conditions. The course covers elements of travel photography, portrait and family photography, indoor and low light photography, macro photography and action photography. Our classes are interactive and hands-on and designed so that you have ample time to practice with your camera. Want to know something specific? Our instructors are expertly qualified to answer any of your questions and aim to tailor your day to your requirements.

With lots of hand-on practice and guidance from our professional instructors during this Imperial 5eye-opening day, you’ll feel comfortable with that amazing piece of technology in your hands and inspired by it’s abilities. This is the very best photographic course for beginners who are looking to discover a new passion and unleash their creativity. Your journey truly starts here.

Topics Covered:

  • Fundamentals of photography
  • Aperture, shutter speed, ISO
  • Camera modes
  • Depth of field
  • How in the world do I take this photo - and how does this freaking piece of equipment work?
  • Low Light Photography
  • White Balance
  • Lens selection
  • Equipment selection
  • Distortion & Compression
  • Composition

Bottom Line:

You’ll leave the class shooting in manual or aperture priority and exactly how to set up the camera to capture those amazing images. And yes, you'll know how to use your camera!



What you will learn


Learn how to properly manipulate your aperture to control depth of field for those incredible, blurry backgrounds! Oh - and we also teach you what on Earth aperture actually is! 

Circle Flowers-2 Butchart Gardens - Victoria - Vancouver Island - 2014 - 1 Butchart Gardens - Victoria - Vancouver Island - 2014 - 2



You know it’s important, but we’re going to show you why. Then we’re going to show you how to use it to your advantage. Tired of blurry shots? LPC will show you how to take a clear shot every time! 

 Landscape Course-9 Newfoundland - 2015 -104




Colour. It’s so important. Your life is full of it. Make sure you’re being true to life when you take your photos and learn how to configure your camera for the best colour output.   




WOW! That bridge is looooonnnngggg. But when I take a photo of it, it always looks so damn tiny and unimpressive. You’re probably using the wrong lens, or the right lens, but in the wrong way. Let us show you how to capture an impressive scene properly. 

_MG_3352  _MG_3354  DSC_6231


Course Details

Everything you need to know

Knowledge Requirements:

Absolutely none. Ideally, you know how to turn the camera on - but it's not mandatory!

Camera Requirements:

This course is designed for DSLR Camera's. However, this list includes more than just traditional cameras, so what are we looking for? Any camera with a "Manual" Mode - this will include most bridge camera's as well. If in doubt, drop us an email or give us a call and we can confirm with you!

Don't have a camera, but want to join us to learn more? Consider renting! We have a few brilliant rental systems here that we are happy to loan out for absolutely free. Drop us a line, or give us a call to reserve your system today - we have a limited number so be sure to get in touch with us quickly.


This course runs in both Calgary and Canmore. During the summer months, the course is held in downtown Calgary (around Stephen Avenue and Eau Claire) and during the winter months, it is held at Heritage Park. In Canmore, courses are held downtown all year round. For more specific meeting locations please see below.


Meet our phenomenal Instructors before the day! You will be guided through your photographic journey by one of our talented and professional instructors. Each of them are not only incredible photographer's themselves, but also brilliant teachers. They are excited to help you to discover your passion. Meet our Instructors here.

What to bring?

- Your own camera, or, if you're renting, you'll be given your camera on the day

- At least one lens

- Water

- A fully charged camera battery

- An empty memory card

What else is included?

- Lunch is provided

- Tea and snacks

- Course notes

- Ongoing support

Ongoing Support

We pride ourselves for providing the very best ongoing support. Customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance to us, and we are always on call to answer your questions - at any time of night or day. We are always on email or on the other end of a phone call and are happy to help out with any problems you may have:

- can't remember how to change your ISO?,

- want to know how to make a photo look better?,

- want to know what lens to buy next?

there is NO question too small for us to answer - so drop us a line or give us a call today!

Calgary Summer Details (Beginning of May-End of September)

Meet at: Eau Claire underneath the windmill in the small water park. 

Finish at: Same location

Time (Digital Photography I): 9am - 4pm on Saturday or Sunday


Calgary Winter Details (Beginning of October-End of April) 

Meet at: Heritage Park located at 1900 Heritage Drive SW. Meet at the gazebo out front (before the park gates)

Finish at: Same location

Time (Digital Photography I): 10am - 4pm on Saturday or Sunday


Canmore Summer Details (Beginning of May-End of September)

Meet at: Rebound Cycle: 902, 8th Street Canmore. The course will be held in an upstairs room.

Finish at: Same location

Time: 10am - 4pm